James Horner


A soldier that we should have known

Unfortunately in our world, we consider people like you to be “Great”, after their death. Believe me, your world now is better. I know we did not put your pictures with the R.I.P sign on all our social media platforms like we do for any actor, rapper or pop star, please forgive us. I know we did not show you how valuable you are in our daily life because we ignored your existence. We only care about people who have the highest number of followers on Instagram, bodyguards and real estate, please forgive us. I know that you got your rights from royalties, and the country you lived in appreciated you since you are a national asset and a real creator, but you were not recognized when you walk down the street like Elvis, Michael or Britney, please forgive us. I know you were satisfied with what you did, you were proud and honored on many levels whether in or out of your domain. And I also know that what you did for us, is much better what any politician did, please forgive us.

Rest in Peace my friend, a friend that I have never seen or talked to before, do you know why you are the best friend? Because you were raising us up to your high mental situation and glory, without asking for any return, and even without knowing about your achievements in our life. They call you “The Unknown Soldier’, I call you “A soldier that we should have been known”.


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