About Salim

Salim Assaf is a Lebanese music producer, songwriter and composer for more than 10 years.
Born in 22nd January 1980 in Al Shouf village (Al Warhaneah) Lebanon.
He has in his archive more than 50 songs for most of Lebanese and Arab artistes
Starting his career with the Lebanese star Carole Samaha, Salim wrote lyrics of ‘Ghali Alaya’ and composed ‘Keef Badi Eysh’ in 2004.
He continued to work with the Lebanese singer Carole Samaha. He wrote and composed ‘Adwaa Al Shohra’ that carried the name of her album in 2006. The album also featured two songs written by Salim, ‘Esmayne’ and ‘Wehyatak’.
In 2007, he collaborated with the popular Lebanese singer Majida Al Roumi to produce ‘Beyoum Oursik’, a special song dedicated to Al Roumi’s daughter on the occasion of her marriage. The song was composed by Salim and written by both Al Roumi and the Lebanese poet Talal Haidar.
Salim produced ‘Nawer Ayami’ for Najwa Karam in 2007. He also composed and wrote two songs for the Pop Star Rami Ayash titled ‘Eshtaktilak’ and ‘Domini’.
In 2007, he composed lyrics of ‘Baye’, a song performed by the young star Ewan
Salim collaborated with the popular singer Nicholas Al Ousta through composing a song titled ‘Kul El Haq Aalaik’ in 2008. He also worked with the well known singer Miray Hamdan who performed ‘Yali Albi Behebo’ composed and written by Salim.
He continued working with Carole Samaha throughout 2009 and wrote the lyrics of ‘Ali’, an Egyptian dialect song performed by the Lebanese singer.
During 2009, Salim’s songs recorded fresh heights prevailing over competition and winning the acknowledgement of the artistic community that recognised his talent and achievements. The Lebanese singer Yara performed a song written by Salim titled ‘Ma Yehemak’ which became a popular hit on the Pan Arab scale. He contributed to Sara Al Hani’s Album that featured four songs including ‘Haik Yetamal’ and ‘Al Sho’ written by Salim and ‘Fadait Rohek’ and ‘Ma Hada Yebadneh’ written and composed by him.
He also wrote and composed another hit for the Syrian singer Rowaida Attiah titled ‘Sho Sahel El Haki’. The song was considered a fresh start for the singer who also sang ‘Tunisia’ and ‘Koun Jadid’ both composed and written by Salim. Salim marked his first experience though arrangement his latest hit ‘Koun Jadid’which is a song dedicated to the universe kids, using kids of different social levels and nationalities as chorus.
In the same year, he contributed to Carole Samaha’s album ‘Hudodi El Sama’ through another hit titled ‘Ma Bekhaf’ written and composed by him. Salmi also wrote the lyrics of ‘Ala Soutak’ another son featured in the same album.
In 2010, Salim collaborated with the Lebanese singer Ayman Zabib writing the lyrics of both ‘Hal Leila’ and ‘Kermalak which was also composed by him.
Anwar Al Amir performed ‘Eshtaktilo’, a song written and composed by Salim.
Najwa Karam’s hit ‘Be Al Roh Be Al Dam’ was also composed by Salim.
He received the Murex D’or Award (Best Comprehensive Song Category) for his hit ‘Shu Sahel El Haki’ performed by Ruwaida Attiah.
Most of Salim’s songs were produced in video clips confirming the success of his work that tackled new topics inspired by our daily life.
Salim was also hosted in a number of TV and broadcast programs in the UAE and Lebanon. He was interviewed by well known journalists and TV presenters. Salim was featured as a unique contemporary artist composing simple and deep Lebanese songs in addition to successful songs based on the Gulf dialect.
He also participated in the ‘Kas Al Nojoum’ program on the anniversary of Abdul Halim Hafiz.
Salim was born in Warhaneh, Al Shouf on 22 December 1979. He holds a bachelor degree from the Lebanese University, Faculty of Hospitality (2003). He also holds a diploma in Oud performance from the Lebanese National Conservatoire.
Soon, Salim is signing songs for Saber Al Rebai, Elissa, Rami Ayach, Joe Ashkar and many others